Chicago Med’s April And Ethan Don’t Need To Reunite

Dr. Choi and April clash over how best to handle the troubles of his estranged sister, Emily, and at the end of Season 3, she breaks up with him because of this. Dr. Rhodes attended Universidad Autónoma de Guadalajara in Mexico and spent a year in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia following his residency. He was initially a trauma surgery fellow but switched to cardiothoracic surgery under the mentorship of Dr. David Downey, a renowned cardiothoracic surgeon.

“Squid” is a common nickname used by the other branches of the military to refer to members of the Navy. Dr. Scott later reveals that he has a complicated past with this family. He used to date Carmen, and he even arrested Tyrell when he was a cop. Tyrell holds a huge grudge against Dr. Scott and there might still be some feelings between Scott and Carmen, despite the fact that she is married.

Chicago Med’s Ethan and April Reunion Is Perfect As Is

Will finally reconciled with him at the end of “Generation Gap”. Pat died in the crossover episode “When to Let Go” of complications caused by smoke inhalation from the fire. Robin Charles is Dr. Charles’ daughter, also a doctor, who worked as epidemiologist in the Med during season 2 and had a relationship with Dr. Rhodes. She left to be with her mother in Minneapolis in season 3, but returned in season 4 episode “We Hold These Truths”. In season 1 she takes her co-worker and friend Russell to the hospital after he gets impaled from broken chandelier shards after he saves her from the falling chandelier. After Connor takes Russell into surgery she and her brother talk, which she still angrily blames him for leaving her with their father and eventually dismisses him, telling Connor to take care of her friend.

Dr. Will Halstead

He also reveals that he wished she was his wife, and not his ex Lisa, which makes her angry that he didn’t tell her before she let him “into her life and her bed”. After the breakup, she begins to have feelings for Will, but he is in a relationship with Nina Shore. After their break up, he ends up dancing with Natalie while at Noah’s graduation party. Credited as a regular in the first fourteen episodes of the seventh season only.

Cornelius Rhodes (D. W. Moffett) was the father of Dr. Connor Rhodes. As the only son and heir to the family fortune, Connor was expected to follow his father into the family business but eschews it for medicine. Elizabeth’s death and Connor’s choice to go into medicine lead to a bitter estrangement between father and son. In season 4, he was hospitalized for a heart failure, but later was killed when Dr. Ava Bekker overdosed him with insulin.

Chicago Med follows the emergency department doctors and nurses of the fictional Gaffney Chicago Medical Center. Chicago Med fans got an incredible surprise in the Season 8 premiere when Yaya DaCosta reappeared as April Sexton. April had left the series at the end of Season 6 when DaCosta chose not to renew her contract — but just over a season later, there she was again. She met ex-fiancé Dr. Ethan Choi after his father’s funeral, and the two shared a quiet but beautiful moment.

Robin develops health problems that cause difficulties in their relationship; she begins behaving erratically, and it’s discovered that she has a brain tumor. The tumor is successfully removed, but the relationship remains strained throughout her recovery. In the episode “Ties That Bind”, Robin broke up with Rhodes by leaving a letter on the table for him to read. He confronted Dr. Charles on the break up and vowed that he will find her to make the relationship work; however, Dr. Charles said that Robin had wanted to get treatment for her condition in peace. Dr. Rhodes comes from a wealthy background and was written as a “local boy” who left Chicago to escape his family before returning many years later.

In the UK, Chicago Med premiered on March 20, 2016, on Universal Channel in the United Kingdom and Ireland. Molly Bernard as Dr. Elsa Curry (season 4–5), a first-year ED resident who ends up working closely with Dr. Daniel Charles. Peter Mark Kendall as Joey Thomas, a lab tech who dates Dr. Sarah Reese in seasons one and two. Jessy Schram as Dr. Hannah Asher (season 7 – present; recurring seasons 5–6), a returning physician from Los Angeles who previously struggled with substance abuse before getting sober. Meanwhile, Chicago Med welcomes several new additions in season 7, most notably Stevie Hammer and Dylan Scott who are tasked with treating a patient with sickle cell anaemia. Since Chicago Med first arrived on NBC in 2015, Dr Ethan Choi has been a regular on the series and has appeared in almost every single episode.

He decides to take the job at Med, not knowing that the hybrid OR was funded primarily by an anonymous donation from his father, and was solicited by Dr. Bekker. When Rhodes learns of the donation, his father suggests that Bekker traded sex with him in exchange for the donation. Latham has autism spectrum disorder, which sometimes makes it difficult for him to understand the emotional responses of the medical staff. Chicago Med is an American medical drama television series created by Dick Wolf and Matt Olmstead, and is the third installment of Wolf Entertainment’s Chicago franchise.

In July 2015, Jurassic World star Brian Tee joined the cast as Dr. Ethan Choi, an expert in infectious disease prevention and a Navy Reserve medical officer. Pretty Little Liars star Torrey DeVitto was cast on August 13, 2015, as Dr. Natalie Manning, the ED pediatrician. On August 14, 2015, Jane the Virgin star Rachel DiPillo was cast as Sarah Reese, a fourth-year medical student. Unlike her brother, Emily is much more free-spirited but her reckless behavior has landed her into trouble with alcohol and drugs. Dr. Choi clashes with his girlfriend April over how to deal with Emily.