Sammy Goes For A Ride On His Home Recycling Harvester

Worm Harvester; Sammy with harvester

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Worm Harvester; Sammy with harvester
We’re Thrilled To Announce The Continued Success of Our Harvester!

(For larger jobs see our commercial harvester). With our harvester, you can take advantage of the technology that professional worm growers utilize to cut your processing time to just a few minutes. This recycling harvester was also designed and created by us. This harvester along with our recycling compost harvester and commercial harvester has helped make us one of the top companies in the worm harvester, organic fertilizer, and red worm vermiculture industries.

Normally, the process of harvesting finished castings and changing the bedding in your home worm-recycling bin (or bins in greenhouses or horticulture services for that matter) can be a very time consuming project.

The “hills and sort method”–separating worms from their old bedding into hills, then scooping off the tops–can take all afternoon. The migration method of piling half of the old bedding onto the other half, then filling the rest of the bin with new bedding and food takes weeks before your old bedding is completely changed out.

Our worm harvester

With our worm harvester, you can now harvester finished castings and change bedding in minutes!

From P. Barnett in Irving, TX: “Not having to do the sorting by hand made buying the small harvester the best $75.00 I ever spent!”

Our worm harvester
No Mess, No Worry And It’s Easy To Use

Our worm harvester is designed for ease in handling. Just load up the front end with the old bedding (which includes the worms, the castings, the unfinished bedding and any uneaten food), and process.

Our harvesting drum is lightweight and easy to turn by hand. After loading, turn the drum slowly, and the castings fall through the screen into the catcher tub, while the worms, the unfinished bedding and any leftover food come out the end into a waiting bucket! This can then be placed into fresh bedding. You’re done! The recycling plant can begin again with fresh ingredients and hungry worms.

You can feel confident that you have sorted out nearly 99% of the worms from your old bedding. So you can now bag up the harvested castings and be completely carefree!

Our worm harvester allows you to keep your bin healthier with more frequent changes in the bedding. Your worms will thrive in an environment of less castings concentrations. You can monitor the bin more often, and catch potential problems sooner. Your worms will stay healthy and happy.

Our complete home harvester comes with its own castings catcher specially sculpted to hold the harvester at just the right angle to harvest with ease.

If you choose to purchase the harvester without the catcher, we will send you instructions on how to make a castings catcher (some form of catcher is necessary as it holds the drum in place).

Complete Harvester approx. 24″ L x 20″ H x 14″ W (drum only approx. 24″ L x 11″ diam).

Use it to believe it! We want you to see why we are THRILLED to be offering this product.