Worm tea

Worm Tea

People involved with vermiculture know that worm castings (organic fertilizer) are the end result of a worm’s digestive system. Highly nutritious, worm castings are a perfect food for plants. Alive with microorganisms and beneficial bacteria, worm castings tea is, in essence, a living organic fertilizer. We put organic fertilizer into our own hand-sewn teabags, allowing a worm tea to be brewed easily (also known as worm castings tea). Our large organic fertilizer teabags make many gallons of worm tea-perfect for fertilizing your lawn, vegetables, and houseplants.

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Worm tea; Organic Fertilizer Tea

Rising Mist worm castings “teabags” are filled with our rich organic worm castings. Steeping these teabags in water and brewing a castings tea releases the nutrients in the castings and “wakes up” the organisms lying dormant. Organic growers rely on this mixture and repeatedly credit the lushness of their tomato plants and other crops to using our castings tea.

This brew is a potent fertilizer when sprayed directly onto the leaves of your plants. Castings tea has properties that naturally repel insects and diseases.

Enriched with the tea, plants become an unsavory environment for problem insects and pathogens. They cannot get a foothold.

Worm castings tea has also helped with plants already in difficulty. Spider mites vanish after just one treatment!

One of our large castings “teabags” will brew up to 2 gallons of worm castings tea. One small teabag will brew up to 1 gallon.

Shake from time to time during the day and you will further allow “beneficials” in the tea to “wake up.” Pour into a spray bottle for applications or simply pop the bag into your watering can, add water, and shake. What could be easier? Use our castings tea as often as you like–it will never burn your plants.