Compost bin

This Compost Bin Is One Of A Kind, Designed and Manufactured By Us!

Our home compost bin creates organic compost right in your basement, garage, or under the kitchen sink. This recycling bin and compost harvester combination turns your table scraps and old newspaper into rich, organic compost for your garden or houseplants. It’s so easy and convenient when using our worm recycling bin.

Our compost bin is a complete, two tier system that is both composter and harvester. With a capacity of 40 lbs. and housing up to 5000 worms comfortably you can process 2 1/2 lbs. of garbage per day. We created this compost bin/recycling bin because of the demand we have received from across the nation for a complete recycling bin system that people can use in their homes. When harvesting time is near, the worms will migrate to the bottom tier for food and moisture as you dry out the top tier for an easy harvest.

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When the compost is finished, simply sift the material through the harvesting lid. The compost can be bagged for later use and the separated worms are then placed into fresh bedding to begin composting once again.
This Compost Bin Is One Of A Kind, Designed and Manufactured By Us!
There is no odor or mess! Your composting red worms do all the work. You can bag up to 200 lbs. of free organic compost per year just by recycling your garbage! And compost also makes great gifts for your gardening friends and family. (Handmade per order).