Worm bins

Start A Worm Bin Quickly & Easily!

Experience the fascinating world of redworms. See one of nature’s best recyclers transform food scraps, leaves, manure, and other “garbage” into nutrient-rich organic plant food. Then add that free organic fertilizer to your vegetable garden, roses & houseplants.

Use as a teaching aid for a school recycling project. It’s a wonderful gift for anyone wanting to start–or expand–an organic lifestyle. The bin works as a guide for a unique science or recycling project, too. Children have a natural curiosity about the wonders of nature. This worm bin gives kids (and adults) an exciting hands-on experience.

Everything you need is conveniently delivered to your door in one package. The bin is compact enough to fit almost anywhere at home or in a classroom. What could be easier?

Worm Bins; Recycling Bin Kit