Commercial harvester

Commercial Harvester

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Commercial Harvester

Harvest Tons of Worm Castings, and Red Worms The Easy Way With our Individually Hand Made Commercial Harvester!

Having had experienced growing pains in our red worm and organic fertilizer business we needed to produce a lot of red worms and tons of worm castings and also have the ability to harvest them in short periods of time. So our winter project became the building of a commercial harvester to handle our orders. We needed something big that would separate the red worms, organic fertilizer (worm castings), and bedding.

After a great deal of testing and improving upon our original design the result was a sturdy recycling harvester or worm harvester with the ability to add a motor, which made this commercial harvester even more proficient and faster. For considerably less money than can be found anywhere (that we could find) we succeeded in developing the same quality of commercial harvester on the market for a fraction of the cost.

Our Rising Mist Commercial Harvester operates on the same principal, with the same screening, and, more importantly, with the same great results as factory model separators. It�s just not as pretty (some say) and doesn�t have a hefty cost. (We use recycled materials whenever possible.)

With interchangeable screens, our harvester performs several functions. You can separate out the worms for packaging (without the bedding), or harvest castings beautifully-easily processing 100 lbs. of castings in an hour (without a motor). By accident, we discovered that we can, with a change of screening, also sift our finished compost, producing a fine product ready to sell.
Worm Castings Harvester; Sammy with Harvester
Our Rising Mist Commercial Harvester is $725.00 plus shipping and handling
Each harvester is made to order. You must allow 30-60 days for delivery.
Please call or email and let us start building yours today!
We will require a $350.00 deposit (of which $250.00 is non-refundable).

For smaller jobs check out our home worm harvester and our small compost harvester

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