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Sammy Gets Raves!
One of the pleasures of working with worms and selling our products are the amazed reactions we get from people using them for the first time. Worms are a source of amusement and wonder to first-time recycling bin owners. We get loads of comments about how well they are doing and the fun involved with watching the process.

Here is but a small sample of comments and reviews:
The Wacky World of Worms how-to book:

“Delving into the world of worms can be a magical experience, yet one that is practical in many ways. Not only will you learn the process of recycling your own organic trash, but you can also earn and save money while doing so. There is the added joy that comes with the respect one feels for the many other creatures that share this earth with us, and the knowledge that we are helping protect the earth for future generations.”–Stan Stitz

“The Wacky World of Worms is a new and fun guide to worm composting…the book is composed of five ‘segments’ (how appropriate!)…Every step is spelled out, with small and often very cute interspersed images that keep the text easy to read. Some of the cartoons are quite funny, and there’s a good deal of humor in Wacky World.

An exercising worm (curling a dumbbell!) marks each of the many Wacky Worms Exercises….the book’s science is generally quite good and taught very well. Many good observations on worms are made.”–Zorba Frankel, managing editor of Worm Digest

…It’s hard to mention all that can be learned from this 48-page book or the fun readers can have doing the exercises scattered through the pages or viewing the illustrations also done by the author. Highly recommended for children’s collections in all public libraries and all school libraries. School librarians, mention this to your science teachers or those who do science projects, then have Debbie Anderson visit to talk about worms and bring some of her elongated friends!”–Roy Bird, Kansas State Library, book reviews column

“My husband and I enjoyed the book so much that we went through the chapters and excersises on our own after the kids went to bed!”–Linda Linholdt, homeschooler

Dear Rising Mist,
Your commercial harvester has exceeded our expectations! We brought it home and immediately assembled it. After assembly, we realized that we could not have constructed one ourselves as we had attempted to earlier this year.

After the first 12 hours of use, we had harvested 2600 pounds of castings. That is more than double the capacity
amount you had quoted us before we bought it!

Veteran organic gardeners and farmers as well as first time castings users enjoy the benefits of Rising Mist castings and castings tea! We have received many special comments from folks at market, remarking on the wonderful results they’ve had when they relied on castings for their fertilizing needs.

One organic produce grower credited castings for growing the rows of towering tomato plants on his farm and he went further by explaining that the tomato yield he gets per plant can’t be out done by any other fertilizer:

“With my first use of castings, the results were dramatic! I planted a long row of spinach using castings as a side dressing. About halfway through the row, the castings ran out. To my amazement, the half with the castings sprouted much earlier and grew at a faster rate than the other half of the row.”–Mike Glass, organic grower, Lawrence, Kansas
“I am so happy with the earthworm tea I use on all my plants! They love it! Now with spring right around the corner, I’m ready to work building a new garden. Rising Mist has given my pale green thumb much hope! Thanks again for your nutritional tea blend. My poor old bonsai is even responding well to it!–J. Black, Vermont
Taking our squirmy friends into a local school, many of the children were in awe as they were lucky enough to see worm capsules hatch! Finding the capsules bcame a major attraction with the worms themselves pulling a close second. We brought our Sammy doll to school with us and he had to make the rounds being held, sometimes stretched and twisted by each child in class. He, as always, was a big hit!

Here are just a few of their comments:

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“I’ve had the most fun in my life, because I got to be a father to a baby worm.”
Your friend, Erik
“The part I like the most was showing us the worms. The group I was in saw eggs hatching. Did the worms like the bed we made?”
Sincerely, Michele
“It is so neat that such little things can do so much work.”
Sincerely, Shannon
We have received many more favorable comments and reviews, but we believe that what we have shown here will give you a good idea of what people are saying.