10 Ways A Taurus Man Tests You And How To Make Him Commit

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Taurus males like to have a secure life and future, and will really work hard for that. Cash, possessions and luxuries attract them and they value it a lot.He is near perfect and does not appreciate sloppiness. Understanding him is not easy, but being simple, sensible, patient and practical are some of his basic qualities. When thinking of dating a Taurus man, remember that determination & stubbornness are his two most significant qualities. Taurus males are considered as one of the best lovers among males of all zodiac signs.

In my earlier years, I found myself constantly chasing guys who were not that interested in me. Well he was probably frustrated that everyone was getting the hang of it but him. But I bet his pride was shot down when his girlfriend was better at him then something.

A Taurus man can also be overindulgent, greedy, and insensitive. He may be tactless and accidentally hurt other people’s feelings with his careless words. Because he values money and possessions, he can also be a bit materialistic and shallow.

Taurus is guided by Venus, the planet of love, so a Taurus guy is naturally romantic and yearns to find the woman of his dreams. A Taurus man always gives his honest opinion, but he won’t tell you his criticisms unless you ask. He avoids confrontation, so he can be a bit passive-aggressive instead of telling others how he feels. Virgos and Capricorns understand the hard-working and straightforward nature of a Taurus guy, and they will help him pursue his dreams and keep him motivated. When you want to know more about a Taurus guy, you can turn to astrology to figure out his personality and disposition. You will have to keep in mind that a Taurus man is very possessive and jealous.

Playing Mind Games

Sometimes messy and prone to clutter, Taureans can hold onto stuff a bit too long. They tend to collect books, art, and musical instruments. Like the proverbial Bull in the china shop, a male Taurean may not be fully aware of his own body. It helps if his personal environment is as minimal as possible – but that’s a rarity with this earthy sign who adores his creature comforts. This guy needs a big comfy chair to collapse in, and lots of pillows to prop up his often-aching limbs, worn out from a hard day’s work.

Why is Taurus Man Slow to Commit to a Relationship?

A Taurus man never has a problem spending time alone doing his own thing. If your bull also has Venus in his chart then I recommend you also read our article on Venus in Taurus man here. James has discovered a deep desire, that when understood by a woman is the key to opening his heart so that he can express his love. It is a hidden craving, bordering on obsession, that needs to be understood by any woman who has long-term designs on him. However, his ruling planet is Venus the planet of love, which tends to relate to a hard exterior but a soft center.

This in itself says a lot about who he is and how he behaves when he is jealous. Men who are older are also knowledgeable when it comes to the arts that they grew up with as well. Pisces men enjoy music in particular and have a strong connection to it, whether it be for pure enjoyment or that they are musically talented themselves. If you’re dating a musician, then he probably has some great stories from his early years, or he is so experienced that it’s a treat to hear him play. If he’s not a musician, odds are he’ll have some great information on music that can be really interesting to learn about. An Aquarius man already shares the traits of being an intellectual, humanitarian, and progressive.

When he shows these signs, step back and give him space. If you’re wondering how a Taurus man expresses love, he usually does so in practical, concrete and tangible ways. He will need a lot of handholding and encouragement especially early in the relationship. To get an idea of where you stand with a Taurus male, get him a thoughtful gift, like scented candles, his favorite board game, or a pack of socks, and watch how he reacts.

If you provoke the bull, you just may get the horns.

He will subtly brag about you to people, friends, and family alike. Do not resort to conventional relationship advice in order to decipher this man! Reassure him that you’ll respect his decision either way, and he can take all the time he needs. Though it might seem hard to wait it out now, remember a Taurus’ stability and steadiness make him an amazing partner once he’s committed. Taurus men are actually one of the best zodiac signs to date if you’re looking for someone who is super protective.

By starting off slowly, he is testing the waters to see if you make a good couple. He doesn’t want to scare you off and he doesn’t want to make any mistakes. He’s a Taurus, so you can expect him to be patient and persistent in his efforts. You see, the Taurus man is a very romantic and sensitive person. You see, if you want the relationship to move forward, it’s important for you to get to the bottom of this.

You do not need his permission or even discuss with him most of your decisions. Despite the popular belief that a Taurus man is incapable of being romantic, he is actually quite a charmer. People mistakenly think he is cold when in fact, he does not do the little guessing games before you are dating.

Taurus men are notoriously slow to do everything from ask you out to commit to the relationship. If you start to question his feelings for you, that’s going to make him think. At this point, you’ll probably be confused about how he really feels about you.

When financially secure, bills are paid timely, and the Taurean male demonstrates an unmatched level of financial responsibility. Although any zodiac sign is capable of cheating, the personality traits of some signs make them more prone to infidelity than others. A Taurus man is practical, patient and has very strong likes and dislikes. Taurus men are stubborn, maybe even more stubborn than Scorpio. It may be best to give in to what he wants unless it’s something that you think may harm the relationship. A Taurus man likes luxury, and even if he doesn’t have a lot of money to spend on fancy items, he’ll exhibit good taste in art, clothes, and furniture.