A Guy Gives You His Number But Doesn’t Ask You For Yours Dating

Okay, let’s say that we did actually meet up with our online person. In fact, let’s say that we’ve met up two or three times with them. By that point, one might expect the relationship to be moving in a direction that leads back to somebody’s place. After all, picking up snacks at the store for a friend is totally cool.

Reason #6: He’s Got Questionable Motivations

The classic red flag, we don’t even need to write about it, right? Everyone knows that, if someone is refusing to meet up, they’re definitely hiding something. Cosmopolitan backs us up here, as they believe that refusing to meet is a bit of a sketchy thing as well.

When a guy loves you, he loves you when you are at your best and when you are at your worst. Your suggestion that I offer him my phone number, and give me times to call me and see if he does, did cross my mind. However, I felt like that would be doing more work then I should have to.

Waiting longer could only mean that other girls are getting back to him sooner than you on social media, dating apps, or any other platform that is available for mingling. Instead of waiting for a guy to ask for your number, take a risk by asking for his number or simply giving him your phone number. Indirectly secure his number from a mutual friend or effectively use various social media platforms to get his number. Of course, any time emotional energies run this high, there’s always a downside.

Are you basing your definition of pursuing off of that one guy that you let treat you badly? That was your fault, not his, and it doesnt have to do with you givng your info first. You don’t even know the guy, and you have already labeled him off of a couple of quick email exchanges. You shouldn’t go out with him, because you have already judged him.

Because women don’t call back when you give them your number. I know many women wouldn’t call him back because that’s not what a woman does. As a woman, I can understand why you’d like to keep your phone number private from someone you haven’t met. My new profile is starting to get more attention and I’m excited about it, but I’m confused about phone etiquette. He isn’t sure about how he felt about talking to you. They have asked girls for their numbers in the past, but were at the receiving end of a girl who either didn’t answer when they called or didn’t respond to a text.


Basically, he wants to be treated like a king. If he’s giving you mixed signals, he’s either not getting the attention and praise he wants from you, or he feels like kicking up his feet and letting you do the work for a bit. Feel free to give your Leo guy a little extra attention, but be careful not to end up catering to his every whim. Despite their bad rap, dating a Gemini can be a ton of fun because it really is a nonstop game. If you’re down to play, pull up a chair and give your Gemini dude a run for his money.

Jokes aside, every guy handles things differently, and his unique personality type can tell you a lot about what’s really going on. Before you write him off as a flaky loser who doesn’t know how good he has it, let’s see what astrology has to say about why he’s giving mixed signals. You two might still be written in the stars, and so might the answers to his sketchy behavior. Getting mixed signals from a guy is super frustrating.

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Reasons Why He Doesn’t Call You Back

The challenge with online dating is that you never actually know who the person is on the other end until you meet and continue to explore the relationship. Talking on the phone customer support is the intermediary step between messaging and meeting, and exchanging phone numbers is the likely next step. Transitioning from a dating app to texting can be tricky sometimes.

Multiple surveys and studies have shown that guys do like it when girls are the first to text. Part of this is because it removes any doubt that you are interested in them. There is also the added fact that it shows confidence on the girl’s part, and that turns guys on. Contrary to what love gurus and decades of sitcom jokes might say, there is no right or wrong time to text someone after getting their number.

I tend to think that the guy that does this errs on the side of being insecure more times than not. Society expects us men to be aggressive and to get out there and take what we want. Many women like  can-do attitude, or perhaps a ‘will-do-you’ attitude. Either way it lets a woman know that you’re assertive and willing to get out there and get what you want. Where a guy will give his number to the friend of the girl he really wants to date and figures he’ll have a better chance of getting the apple of his eye if he befriends her friend.

Avoiding this fate starts with the first text, and getting flirty right out the gate says I may be friendly, but I am ready to get down. There is also the added advantage that the words ‘the hot girl you met today’ will force him to relive the encounter with you. It will put a smile on his face and imprint your image in his mind. There is a little window where simply acknowledging the details are correct is a rational and acceptable choice.

He says that he would rather go on vacation with you next year instead of this one. He tells you that he wants to meet your parents when the timing is right. He tells you that he’ll introduce you to his when he’s ready.