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“Someone who is optimistic, generally happy, and has a healthy, productive life they enjoy,” he explains. Our goal is to make life more peaceful, balanced, beautiful, and meaningful. These highly valued principles are irreplaceable when combined with our expertise, ability, commitment, and high code of ethics.

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After placing several ads for this unique position, I found Mike, a gifted writer with a knack for online dating. I hired him to head up the search for my perfect match. I felt I needed a quality person to share my life with, and I felt like I needed to engage a professional to help me accomplish that. I didn’t want to leave it to chance, and I recognize men in my age bracket tend to go for much younger women. I told myself it may or may not work, but I owe myself to at least try. I don’t have the confidence that a second try would result in a better outcome.

I estimate that to be 50 hours, so I am willing to spend a thousand dollars per date to not have to do that work. As you know, we are not remotely satisfied until you are completely, blissfully content. It is our honor and pleasure to work with and serve you.

You might be missing the fact that although he doesn’t call his mom enough now, with the right woman he might be able to heal and grow that relationship in a healthy, beautiful way. When you’re going through the initial consultation process with a prospective matchmaker, treat it like a two-way information exchange. She’s interviewing you – but you’re also auditioning her. You may sign on the dotted line and pay the up-front fees only to be told later on that your “perfect match” is now in a relationship and thus unavailable.

Internationally, it has offices in Geneva, London, and Côte d’Azur. Potential clients choose from several membership packages. Prices range from $45,000 for the Bronze package to $100,000+ for the Platinum package. Working with Patti herself adds an additional $35,000 to the price tag. She just works exclusively with an average of 10 clients per year.

I’m a practical, goal-oriented guy, who has been in some serious relationships. I’m looking for another with a caring heart. (matched-dating), contemporary art, and luxury escapes services is our expertise. She lives in Miami and works for a company that is registered in California. The company owner is a mother/daughter team.

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And they have been offering the best customer support service till date. I’m really really satisfied with the services SEI club is providing. One of VIDA’s most experienced matchmakers, Rosalia now oversees the Customer Success Team to ensure the best possible experience for every client. A veteran online dater register Valentime herself, she’s the go-to matchmaker among her circle of friends and loves helping people find meaningful relationships. Rosalia is adept at working with clients of all different ages, cultures and backgrounds thanks to her extensive travels. In her free time, she’s passionate about dancing and teaches Tango.


They showed me some gorgeous women, and then when I select a few I liked, I asked, ‘will I meet these 3 women if I join? They said yes, if they are not already in a relationship. VIDA Select offers an array of membership packages for you to select from, depending on the level of service that best fits your needs. Clients can choose from Basic, Premium and Elite packages. Basic packages start at only $995 for each month that you decide to use the service, and our Premium packages start at $1595 per month. SEI Club offers several membership packages, with prices starting around $12,750.

Six months went by and I was only sent on a handful of blind dates with women who did not meet my expectations. Other matchmaking services, like VIDA Select, don’t use long-term contracts at all – allowing clients to pay by the month and pause or stop service as needed. Though they’re rare, matchmaking services that take a “team” approach are often the most effective.

We know exactly what works to match you with highly-compatible women who are excited to meet you, too. It may be hard to believe that not long ago, many people thought meeting people online was kinda weird. Maybe you’ve been set up by friends or perhaps even hired an expensive local matchmaker… Only to be reminded of how much you hate being stuck on a long blind date with someone who’s just not your type. SEI Club has a 100 per cent money back guarantee if members decide they aren’t a fit for the club. You can renew, or freeze your membership at any time.

So I had selected another woman from their database, and was not introduced to her either. Finally, they did make an introduction for me but when I met the woman in person, she did not look anything like the image! The image resembled her, but she had to be at least 10 years younger in the image. Has been in the elite matchmaking business since 2009. Our team of expert matchmakers has the unique ability to select your perfect match from the world’s largest database of eligible singles – and the dating support you need to boost your confidence and look your best.

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I told a representative from the service my dating history and what I was looking for. Usually you get three dates in person, but because of Covid, they are also offering unlimited Zoom dates. My contract says I am supposed to go on one date per month, but I went on one in September, one in November, and none since. They give me updates that they are searching for people. I think after three or four months if there was not much explanation to why I have no dates, that would start being unreasonable. I looked at other services, and I saw that the prices were in the same ballpark.

Would they recommend the service to a friend? Here are edited versions of five conversations, including some comments and responses from the matchmakers. Often, the initial consultation with a prospective matchmaking service is over the phone or via video chat.