Former Lovelyz Member Jin Deleted Her Controversial Q&A Video About Idol Dating And Apologized

In one shot, she has two pumps attached to her breasts while FaceTiming with Legend, who is lying in a hotel room bed in a fresh robe. Super Junior’s Kyuhyunresponded to rumors he’s dating actor Uhm Ki Joon. BTS V unfollowed BLACKPINK Jennie eventually, especially after some people posted negative comments on the songstress’ Instagram account because of it. Though it is not impossible for BTS V and BLACKPINK Jennie to develop feelings for each other, it is important to note that neither of them has confirmed that they are truly in a relationship. Moreover, there are no enough pieces of evidence to prove that the two K-pop superstars are really an item up to this writing.

Being in the K-pop business for eight years and counting, BTS members and their agency, know how to deal with such rumors. Though we might not be seeing any BTS romances for some time , the rumors will likely never stop. While each of the seven BTS members is currently professing themselves to be single, many fans are under the impression that a few might actually be dating someone secretly. In addition, V himself spoke up about the rumors through Weverse and expressed his anger and frustration about the whole situation. He posted on Weverse, “I’m going to shoot poison needles at the back of their necks. Watch the back of your necks. Puk Puk ,”and “So pathetic. I want to sing ‘UGH’.”

Big Hit did come out and say while V and Hi were in frequent contact, nothing romantic was occurring between the two. In May 2020, while he was busy with BTS’s new album, Suga released a collab with Korean singer IU. The song won over fans fairly quickly, but what won over fans more was the chemistry off-screen between IU and Suga.

It allowed the group’s young listeners to feel closer to the members, according to SBS. BTS member Jin is considered as one of the K-pop idols with the most handsome face today. Fans do not only adore him for his good looks as he is also idolized because of his exemplary talent in singing and songwriting. Though is a member of the world’s biggest boy band, some fans are still unaware of some details of his life.

Her affection for the doctor convinces Bok Joo to even lose weight which is something that is detrimental to her lifestyle as a weightlifter. The pair deals with affections and hardships in a competitive world of sports in the funniest, most peculiar ways. Things get tricky when she realizes that one of her classmates, Soo Ho has already seen her without make-up.

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Among the BTS members, Lee Yoo Bi knew Suga, but that was a long time ago. We don’t even know if they’re in touch right now,” the statement read. Big Hit on Friday issued a statement clarifying the claims. “The dating rumours involving RM are not true,” the agency said.

While Lee Gook-joo admitted that she once dated someone six years her junior , that mystery man apparently wasn’t Jin. “So there’s a person who I have been close to for over four years and I even cheered him on at Music Core when he debuted,” she said. “BTS’ Jin. We are very close. He thanked me in the ‘Thanks To’ section in his first three albums and fans put two and two together.” Apparently, the two were only ever friends. As the youngest member of BTS and the main vocalist, it’s no surprise that Jungkook (born Jeon Jung-kook) has been the subject of several dating rumors.

BTS’s Management Company Has Responded to Those Jungkook Dating Rumors

A couple of weeks ago, BTS’ youngest member was dragged into controversy and accused of backdoor advertising. A citizen had filed a complaint against Jungkook with Fair Trade Commission. Jungkook was seen wearing outfits from his brother’s clothing brand, Six6uys on a few occasions. Reports stated that the Still With You singer had resigned from his post as a director. It was stated that he had resigned soon after the controversy.

RM Addressed A Rumor About His Dating Life And Made Things Very Clear

Jinyoung, Jisoo, and Doyoung are best friends, having met as MCs at Inkigayo. At awards shows, TWICE’s Mina and Lisa frequently interact. Lee Yoo Bi’s agency Y-Bloom Entertainment also issued a statement to shut down claims.

She only has one older sister, Alice, despite the fact that her and fellow BLACKPINK member Jisoo have such similarities. A social media influencer, Allissa Shin, has recently gained popularity among BLINKs, thanks to her resemblance to Rosé. Shin is not Rosé’s twin; however, we can understand why speculation was sparked. The strength of their bonds is demonstrated by their friendship, regardless of age. Rosé and Lisa have developed a close friendship despite their different backgrounds and ages, which is inspiring for everyone. Lisa and Rosé have become an inspiration to many young adults and fans around the world because of their success as members of BLACKPINK and their close relationship.

However, HYBE has shot down these rumours with a statement. The agency, which represents BTS, has clarified that V is not dating the business magnet’s daughter but is merely an acquaintance of the family. Earlier this month, Lisa also wore a sweater from a clothing brand that is owned by Jungkook’s elder brother. Soon after Lisa wore the sweater, the product was sold out from the website, which is quite common in the realm of K-pop, as fans often love to follow their idols. I wonder what the reactions would be too obviously since we’ve never been through something like that with them before but…I don’t want them to actually get into a dating scandal?

YG Entertainment Releases Another Brief Response To Jennie And V’s Dating Rumors

He even added that it somehow bothered him that the said girl has lots of male friends. While this statement sounds sweet to fans, these handsome boys have surely dated girls in the past. With their awesome charisma, ladies would have surely caught their attention. FilmDaily.Coalso stated that Jimin wants a younger girl and is willing to date someone up to nine years younger than him.

Jung kyung ho and practicing time, g is one way of the possible years. Copyright village at cumberland park all they’re cracked up starting for older woman. While, the kpop idols dating scandal with former and kang yaebin, 2 replies, some members that in the band members have. Most recently, in May 2022, rumors began to spread that V and Jennie from BLACKPINK were dating. The rumors were based on a photo that appeared to show V driving in a car with someone who looked like Jennie on Jeju Island.

Jimin did say he likes the girl group, but wasn’t dating any of them romantically a while back. Though he’s single and he’s been open about his past relationships, in 2017 there were whispers that he had a super-secret girlfriend. Surely the guys aren’t just out here working themselves to the bone without any time for their personal lives. The truth is, being a celeb in South Korea is very different than being an A-lister in America.