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We have verified many reviews on the site and can reassure you that all the content is unique and reviews are independent. The site is not interested in providing reviews paid by promoters or the site’s owners. The site provides detailed explanations on the registration process, searching tools, matchmaking mechanisms, and ways of communicating, depending on your preferences and expectations. Even though my profile stated that I only wanted to date men in my area, I received flirts/messages from men who lived in states 1400 miles away. One guy’s profile specified that he lived in my state, but after we began chatting via the Ourtime website I discovered he didn’t.

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Many women are easily influenced by the perceived wealth and alpha importance of men. I’ve only been on our time for a few days. I’ve observed that the most unattractive, socially backward of men sign up. Most of them look like they need a bath and shave (what’s with the Duck Dynasty look)?

When someone views your profile, you need to bend over to even see a photo of that person. The site claims to target mature people but it is childish by design and greedy. I have been on for about six weeks now and my profile is honest, sincere and contains recent photos. I have received probably two hundred views (and many flirts and photo “likes”).

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So, how much does Christian Mingle cost in total? If you upgrade to a premium or platinum account, it will cost you $359.88 per year. That’s a lot of money, but it may be worth it if you’re looking for a serious relationship.

Who is really signed up here?

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Download the Match online dating app and you’re always ready to check out profiles near you, and chat with real, committed singles ready for a real relationship. Free for iOS and Android, it puts all the power of Match in the palm of your hand for a faster, smoother online dating experience. These ourtime dating sites like ourtime review of fresh air for apps. Every, so good one of the ideal dating reviews and browse profiles.

I was charged $110 for a six month membership as I was unaware of the auto renewal, There is not way to contact Ourtime for a refund other than sending them a letter. Still a total waste of time and money, especially when their propriety “chat” system doesn’t seem to work (at least it didn’t for me) and posts a warming on its page that anyone that asks for private e-mails is likely a scammer. Today I had to cancel my credit card to disable their automatic renewal charges. Have never been scammed so many times in my life.

It is standard to check the reviews while installing an app or using a service. OurTime reviews can help you in the same way. OurTime is a senior dating app for people over 50 to meet some special people in your life. We all know what it is to lose someone and never find your way back to compassion or love. However, there is always time to build yourself and make choices that might help you live a happy life. Whether looking for a casual relationship, finding love, or something in between, OurTime can help you.

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Unless I have a few messages and can estimate the type of people using the site, I certainly won’t pay for a subscription. Go to your paypay account and open the link named Peoplemedia Inc. and stop automatic payments. I just joined OurTime yesterday, I wish I had seen these reviews prior to joining. We will see if stopping payment through paypal makes a difference. Almost every contact I have received requested my email and said that today was their last day on. I thought I would try this out because I am a bit of a loner and thought it would be nice to maybe meet someone to chat with.

I am paid up through Singles but will not be renewing. Save your money and avoid the frustration! You would have better luck meeting a reviews aimed the grocery or hardware store. I looking tried other dating sites and went on a few dates love were ok.

I am disabled and cannot afford to spend $87.93 for a dating site. I’m so angry with myself for thinking my experience would be different; I did have a good experience some time ago but I realized that this was after a “trial” period…and that made all the difference. If anyone has suggestions please help me. I signed up in 2013 when moved to new area….was on trial for 6 months..never net anyone from it…emailed a couple of people mostly nothing. I am adding this review to let people know that there is nothing wrong with the site and the reviews found here are not a representative sample of people’s experiences.

I believe that internet dating, and OURTIME is no exception, is very favorable towards women for the logical reason that there are many more men on the site than women. Ladies, even very average in appearance learn that they are in control of this situation. They make demands and have many men to choose from. Some may enjoy the process of rejecting men or thinking that they should settle for nothing but the elite.