Bio Bags

Composting Systems…Quality Compost Starts In The Kitchen!
If you want “fresh” food waste for your backyard compost and an odor-free kitchen, try using our BioBag 3 gallon waste bags with our ventilated Max Air food waste bucket.

Kitchen food waste can build up bacterial odor quickly when collected in a solid plastic or ceramic pail. The reason is food waste creates heat and moisture that can not escape when placed in these closed containers. Many modern collection pails contain charcoal filters or other devices to help mask the odor, but do little to slow the “rotting process”.

The Max Air buckets are ventilated on all sides, including the top and bottom. The Max Air buckets are attractive for countertop placement and are also hinged if you wish to hang the bucket inside the door of your kitchen sink.

BioBags breathe naturally, allowing heat and moisture to escape or evaporate. This process allows food waste to dry, thus reducing the rate of bacterial build-up which causes odor. When BioBags are used with the Max Air, the consumer has the ultimate system for food waste collection. Comes with 1 box of 25 food bags. $25.90 Includes s & h.