Compost Harvester

Sammy Harvests Compost With Ease

Compost Harvester

When we developed our worm castings harvester we began to use it for different projects. We soon discovered that with just a small adjustment, it quickly harvested our finished compost too, producing a finer product. We could then bag this finer product to sell ascompost, or as part of a worm bedding mix.

Our compost harvester is very easy to use. It sorts out the bigger particles of compost, creating a fine-sifted product ready for bagging. Our complete harvester weighs only 7 pounds, so it can readily be moved from location to location by hand.

Shovel the compost into one end (there is a lip built into it to insure that nothing falls back out), then turn the drum slowly by hand. The finished material falls through the screen and into the catcher, while the bigger chunks fall from the bottom end and into the waiting bucket. The bigger chunks can then be thrown back into the compost pile.

Our Compost Harvester screen has bigger holes, which makes it excellent for sifting compost into a great potting soil or planting medium. For worm harvesting, please visit our Home Worm Harvester page.

Our compost harvester comes with its own catcher specially sculpted to hold it at just the right angle to harvest compost with ease. If you choose to purchase the harvester without the catcher, we will send you instructions on how to make a catcher tub (some form of catcher is necessary, as it holds the drum in place.

Complete Harvester approx. 24″ L x 20″ H x 14″ W (drum only approx. 24″ L x 11″ diam).

Our complete harvester is ready to go with its own catcher tub. Start bagging compost right away!

(Note: This is a compost harvester. For worm harvesting, please see our Home Worm Harvester)

For large jobs please see our Commercial Harvester

For worm harvesting see our Home Worm Harvester

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