The Wacky World of Gardening

We at Rising Mist Organics are passionate about all aspects of gardening. We have found some great gardening products over the years, and we’re especially proud of our children’s line. It’s never too early to introduce our young ones to gardening-they really love it and it is so good for them. We hope you enjoy the garden products on our site!

We have Kids Garden Tools and Kids Garden Gloves and Gear -everything your young gardener needs to get started. And our Kids Garden Crafts and Kids Growing Kits are fun, interactive and educational. We have a whole line of Kids Garden Books which are sure to please your young gardener.

You can create your own herb garden right on your windowsill with our Herb Kits and always have fresh herbs at your fingertips!

We have great Mini Greenhouses–perfect for your patio, balcony or anywhere you have limited space.

And don’t forget – all of our products make wonderful gifts!


Children and grown-ups alike love to plant things and watch them grow. It is good for nature and good for the soul. You can become an organic vegetable gardener easily, or just grow flowers to appreciate their beauty.


The combination of poor nutrition and a lack of healthy outdoor activity is creating a health crisis among America’s children. At Rising Mist, we feel that adding projects such as organic gardening and recycling to a child’s activities can mitigate the risks and be fun in the process. 

Time spent working outside-composting, gardening, harvesting and tending to a home worm recycling bin-will enhance your child’s physical and mental well being, and increase awareness of our planet. As a bonus, you will be passing the torch of enviormental responsibilty to a new generation, helping to preserve the environment both now & for years to come.

Be Natural! Go Organic!