The Wacky World of Children

(All of our toys are manufactured according to US standards and are pretested for safety)

Children can experience the mysteries of our planet! They can find out how nature works in complete harmony with itself, and learn how worms recycle our garbage and why they are completely responsible for keeping our earth rich and ready to grow things.

A great place to start is with our Kid’s Garden Tools! What a fun way to teach kids about gardening and nature, with all the tools a young gardener needs. Our kid’s wheelbarrows are cute, sturdy and just the right size; we also have many other tools and garden accessories that are perfect for small hands. And you mustn’t forget GLoves And Gear for the little gardener. All the protection they need while having fun in the garden. 

Science can be fun! You can have your own Home Worm Recycling Bin and see for yourself what worms do and why they are so important. And you will be helping our planet, too.

Our children’s books are beautifully illustrated, educational and fun. Sammy the worm will completely guide you through the step-by-step process of creating your own home worm bin. Or learn about butterfiles, flower gardens, community and the cycles of nature. See all of our Kid’s Garden Books.

Our science projects for kids are interactive, educational and award-winning! They provide hours of fun and learning. Check out our science and home school projects for kids on our Space & Earth ScienceScience Labs pages. All kids are little Einsteins waiting to happen. We just have to give them the tools.

Our Kid’s Garden Crafts are for the budding artist–plant seeds and watch them grow in your own creation, paint garden stepping stones, make a wind chime or build a greenhouse! And check out our Kids Growing Kits. We have sproutlets, root viewers, flower seed pods and garden seed kits for fun and learning.

We have some of the best birding kits for the little gardener and nature-lover. Our Build A Birdhouse and Build A Birdfeeder kits are very easy and fun. Children really enjoy building them, then watching as the birds come flock and feast. We also have a Window Birdfeeder that is already assembled and easily attaches to any window.

Sammy tells you everything you need to know when you read his book and follow along. The Wacky World of Worms book is full of pictures. It’s fun to read it and find out how to care for worms and our planet.


The combination of poor nutrition and a lack of healthy outdoor activity is creating a health crisis among America’s children. At Rising Mist, we feel that adding projects such as organic gardening and recycling to a child’s activities can mitigate the risks and be fun in the process. 

Time spent working outside-composting, gardening, harvesting and tending to a home worm recycling bin-will enhance your child’s physical and mental well being, and increase awareness of our planet. As a bonus, you will be passing the torch of environmental responsibilty to a new generation, helping to preserve the environment both now & for years to come.