Worm Home Recycling Bin

Red Worms Are A Hit!

An Easy Science Project Idea For Kids

Teachers at the many schools where we have given demonstrations often tell us that we should offer our worm bin as a school science project for kids. Our worm bin as a science project has proven successful by winning many ribbons at the state level and local fairs. This is because it is so new and different. Home schoolers and 4-Her’s have also been successful using our “science project for kids.”

Recycling is all about turning something used into something new. 
And that’s exactly what the earthworm does in a recycling worm bin-he turns our garbage into organic plant food that is chock full of nutrients, and it’s free!

Together we all can make a difference!

Children have a natural curiosity about the wonders of nature. By having a home worm bin for recycling, they’ll be developing a habit that hopefully others will follow.

Most households do recycle, and when children participate, the whole family becomes more active. Our worm bin gives kids (and adults) an exciting hands-on experience by taking recycling one step furthur.

Use the information you find on this site to start new environmental programs in your home, at your school, and for your town! Be sure to pass this good news on!

Everything you need is conveniently delivered to your door in one package. The bin is compact enough to fit almost anywhere at home or in a classroom. What could be easier?

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