Kid’s Garden Crafts

Paint-A-Pot Seed Kit
Express Yourself!

Our Paint-A-Pot Seed Kit is a canvas for personal expression! It’s a terra cotta pot and comes with six shades of nontoxic acrylic paint, and two brushes.

After the budding artist finishes decorating the pot it can then be planted with Marigolds. A wonderful project for any time of the year. $19.00 (includes s & h)

Make A Wind Chime Kit
Make Some Wind Music!

Our Make A Wind Chime Kit lets you craft and decorate your very own wind chime. After making it, it’s fun to paint your wind chime as your heart desires.

Includes two terra cotta pots, paints, brush, chime rods and lines, hanging cord and complete instructions. $13.00 (includes s & h)

Build-A-Greenhouse Kit
Grow A Mini Garden!

With Our Build-A-Greenhouse Kit, you can assemble and paint your own little greenhouse! Grow your own mini-garden in your windowsill or any sunny place.

This fun kit contains greenhouse pieces to assemble, six different color paints, paintbrushes, four mini flower pots to get started, and instructions.
$16.00 (includes s & h)

Garden Stepping Stone Kit
Inspire Your Young Artist!

Turn the ordinary into the extraordinary! Inspire your young artist. With a little imagination and creativity, our Garden Stepping Stone craftkit turns into a personalized work of art.

Our Stepping Stone Kit comes complete with mortar, glow stars, flat glass, plastic crystals, glitter, craft gloves, template, mixing bag and instruction sheet. Completed stone measures 5 1/2″ x 7 1/2″ x 2 1/4″ $13.00 (includes s & h) 

Flower Press Kit 
Get Creative With Flowers!

Our Flower Press Kit is fun and educational too! Kids can press up to 10 layers of their flower collections, encouraging experiments in creativity and imagination.

Learning about flowers fosters a love of nature in children. Our Flower Press allows kids to enjoy their favorites for years to come. Complete with blotter paper and pressing mats. $11.00 (includes s & h)