Science Labs

Little Einsteins Waiting To Happen!

Set the stage for wonder! Kids will be entertained for hours while exploring the wondrous world of science. Our science labs are easy, interactive and very educational.

We have Crystal Science, Sticky Science, Fingerprint Kits, Solar Energy Labs, and our Go Electronics is 6 kits in one. Everything you need is inclduded. Hours and hours of science fun and learning! For ages 8 and up.

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Crystal Science, Sticky Science and Solar Energy !

  Sticky Science
Investigate the messy, gooey properties of a variety of slimes. Immerse yourself in three sticky experiments: Gluey Gunk, Pliable Putty and Starchy Slime.
$17.00 (includes s & h)
  Crystal Science
Discover the science behind growing crystals! Kit includes supplies and guidelines for performing five experiments including salty crystals and crystal trees.
$17.00 (includes s & h)
  Solar Energy
Energy…for the ecology conscious! A complete lab, with solar collector, solar heater, energy focusing lens, thermometer–more than 25 energy conservation experiments!
$16.00 (includes s & h)


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