Space and Earth Science

Young Astronomers & Scientists In The Making!

Our Star Explorer and Solar Mobile Kits are out of this world! With Our Star Explorer you can become an expert star-gazer. Spend hours of fasination while learning about the stars and be captivated by many ancient legends.

The perpetual dance of the planets! Display a beautiful 3-D mobile of the solar system. Scientifically accurate planet spheres, and glow in the dark paint for spectacular night viewing. Easy to balance and hang. Ages 8 and up.

Perform earth-shattering experiments with our Amazing Avalanches, Amazing Earthquakes and Volcano Science Kits. Kid’s love to experiment with nature!

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Star Explorer And Solar Mobiles!

  Award Winning Star Explorer!
Become an expert stargazer! The Celestial Seeker illuminates 20 special transparency cards. Constellation and myth cards reveal information about stars and ancient legends. A red-filter flashlight helps you read the four sky charts. Also includes belt pouch and detailed instructions. $33.00 (includes s & h)
Amazing Earthquakes!
Watch the earth shatter! With Our Amazing Earthquakes earth science kit you can discover facts about the causes and effects of earthquakes while creating your own experiments for destruction! Includes landscape with legs, energy meter and poster, 44-page illustrated “fact and fun” earthquake science book, paint and detailed instructions.
Age 8 years and up. $28.00 
(includes s & h)
Volcano Science
Create your own eruptions! With our Volcano Science Kit, you can learn all about volcanos and volcanic rumbles using the included model, discovery equipment and exclusive Ein-O’s “I Know” guide. Everything you need is included to start your own astonishing experiments.
Ages 8 and up. $17.00 
(includes s & h)


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