Table of Contents

Forward, Objectives & Introduction

Segment 1: Building The Worm Recycling Plant
Feeding And Watering Your Worms
Wacky Worm Wisdom: Worms In Nature
Wacky Worm Wisdom: Classification
Criss-Cross Puzzle: Wormy Words
Wacky Worm Wisdom: Put On The Brakes!

Segment 2: Castings, Cocoons, And Extra Worms
Let’s Go Into Business
Wacky Worm Wisdom: Worm Sense(s)
Wacky Worm Wisdom: Worms Are Food, Too!
Wacky Worm Wisdom: Natural World

Segment 3: Other Creatures In Your Bin
Word Search Puzzle
Wacky Worm Wisdom: Worm Jobs
Wacky Worm Wisdom: Recyclers

Segment 4: Wacky Worm Projects
A Story With No End
Home-Built Worm Recycling Plants
Build A Wooden Recycling Bin

Segment 5: Doctor In The Recycling Plant
Feeding And Care Chart
Earthworm Castings Information Sheet
Ordering Information
Order Form