The Wacky World of Worms

Kids From 8 -108 Will Love This Book!
The Wacky World of Worms is an excellent how-to book dealing with starting and maintaining a home recycling worm bin. Organic growers will value this book for all the solid information it has about vermicomposting, giving them the means to a steady supply of rich fertilizer all year round. It has all you should know to begin with worms and then some! You also get valuable insight into the potential pitfalls and how to avoid and/or correct them.

Though the author wrote this book simply enough for children to understand and to have fun with, there’s enough informtion and how-to for all ages and levels. It has lots of illustrations…and, it has Sammy! He is a red wiggler himself, doubling as our narrator, teacher, businessman and activities coordinator. Everything you need to know about recycling kitchen scraps with worms is presented, as well as trouble-shooting with “Doctor Sammy,” who attends to any problems that may appear.

This is an excellent classroom tool for elementary and middle school children. Sammy takes the class through the steps of starting the worm recycling bin and then onto learning much more about the redworm and about the importance of recycling. They will learn the answers to questions like:

Wacky Worm Wisdom

  • What can worms teach us about recycling and the earth?
  • How the lowly earthworm was immortalized in Cleopatra’s ancient Egypt.
  • How much food can a redworm actually eat, and what would a worm consider “worm candy?”
  • How many hearts does an earthworm have?
  • Why do worms shy away from light, and how do they see without eyes?
  • How to save and earn extra money with the help of worms and garbage.

Use Our Worm Book As A Guide For A Science
Fair Exhibit Or A Unique Recycling Project

Redworms are one of nature’s most important recyclers. They transform food scraps and other organic “garbage” into a nutrient-rich organic fertilizer. The discovery exercises and hands-on projects are wonderful teaching aids and a fascinating way to learn about recycling the way nature does it!

The Wacky World of Worms is printed on heavy colored paper with a clear plastic cover. The plastic spiral binder keeps the book open to the page you want. A great gift! It’s included as part of the Wacky Worm Recycling Bin, or you can buy it separately here.