Clarence got shed ?100 through this promotion

Clarence got shed ?100 through this promotion

Aug. 25th.-Criticism is made that when fishing boats arrive at the Quay to the Weekend, a crowd amassed across the door of a few personal-domestic, and on new coming regarding a salesman he was implemented toward such as domestic and you may kept sales around of your fish, and this the police never ever interfered to prevent so it solution away from brand new Sabbath.

An individual resident on area, got, towards the choice of a container from rum, inspired a pony and you can cart on the end of one’s Jetty, which he was taken up until the Justices and fined 20s.

p. 140 Sept. 8th.-G. D. Palmer, Esq., got presided within a conference away from 60 of the paving Commissioners, in accordance with a standpoint into endangered appearance of cholera, the following unique committee regarding scavengering is designated:-Messrs. Grams. D. Palmer, J. Seafood, C. Age. Bartram, C. Pearson, and W. Brasil damer for ekteskap Squire.

Mr. Cufaude and another gentleman novice had appeared in the Cinema, from inside the A new way to spend dated Costs, together with been obtained having “rapturous applause.”

Grams. Cannell, W

Oct. 20th.-Friday being the day appointed to possess “Humiliation and you may Prayer,” over dos,900 people attended St. Nicholas’ Church qualities; was the latest Rev. Geo. Hills preached from Micah vi., six, seven and you will 8; from the mid-day this new Rev. H. Neville; in the evening new Rev. Grams. Slopes, from Number xxi., forty eight. The new selections amounted so you’re able to ?100.

Nov. third.-The business and you may Regent Wards ended up being competitive. Messrs. Gourlay and you can Steward (Whigs) against Messrs. W. Aldred and you will Fyson (Conservatives) about an enthusiastic (Whigs) up against Messrs. Roentgen. D. Barber and H. Roentgen. Harmer (Conservatives) about Regent Ward. The elections ended towards Messrs. Barber and Fish from the Regent, and you may Messrs. Aldred and you will Gourlay on the market Ward.

Regarding the Northern, St. George’s, and you may Nelson Wards there were no tournaments, consequently Messrs. Wm. Worship, P. White, Roentgen. Ferrier, B. Jay, Grams. Cannell, and you can M. Butcher is re-elected. On the Gorleston Ward Messrs. Clarke (Whig) and you will R. Steward (Conservative) is returned.

p. 141 Late. 10th.-In the Council conference to the 9th, Mr. Owles advised, and Mr. W. Johnson seconded, Mr. D. Good. Gourlay on the Mayoralty, and you may Mr. Roentgen. Steward proposed and Mr. Cherry seconded, this new election off Mr. Elizabeth. H. L. Preston to this work environment, if the voting try, to have Mr. Gourlay twenty-seven and for Mr. Preston 14.

Dec. 22nd.-Mr. Jas. Jackson was actually decided on good Councillor towards North Ward inside the the place of Richard Hammond, Esq., have been appointed an Alderman, vice S. Cobb, Esq., dry.

Dec. 30th.-?35 13s. 6d. was actually repaid because of the Mr. Sloman into the money of Medical, because of the profits based on the fresh profit away from hymn guides.

The fresh prisoners of the Workhouse got regaled having a meal out-of plum pudding and you may roast beef, which have an effective pint out of good beer for each and every.


Jan. fifth.-At Medical meeting it absolutely was stated that ?96 4s. 11d. was obtained for that facilities towards standard Prompt Day. Mr. B. Dowson filled this new couch, and you may Messrs. G. D. Palmer, J. Steele, W. H. Palmer, and you can Dr. Impey took part in what is going on.

Jan. 12th.-The newest Retreat Commissioners had been are recommended so you’re able to prolong the fresh new Jetty, to allow vessels to help you belongings there after they cannot get into the fresh vent.

Jan. 19th.-An address regarding condolence got chosen by City Council towards the King on affair of loss of the brand new King Dowager.

Brand new Revs. J. Everitt, S. Dunn, and W. Griffiths, three Wesleyan Ministers, expelled by the Appointment, had stored an event of the loved ones within Corn Hallway.